The Hunger Games Cast

Posted on March 21, 2012


Celebrate the Hunger Games with me all week! There will be  a different post every day leading up to the movie’s release!

Here is the first post in today’s 2 part installment on Jennifer Lawrence.  This guest post is written by my friend Jennifer L. from the block (no really, we grew up as neighbors, from Little League to high school!).  Sorry, Jen… I had to.

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When I was asked to write a guest blog post on The Hunger Games, I knew what I would write about immediately.  Anyone who’s ever met me knows that I have a nearly endless potential for nerdiness, but I’m not going to go there this time.  I mean, I could talk about Peeta vs. Gale, how the trilogy could have (rather, should have) ended, how a map of Panem I saw on Buzzfeed told me that I live in “the Wilderness, but I won’t.  That would take at least five blog posts, and this is my one spot in the Hunger Games spotlight.

I’m going to talk about the movie’s casting choices instead.  Yes, yes, I know, there’s some major controversy there.  “Peeta doesn’t look like that!”  “There’s no way that Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend can play Gale!”  I’m not immune to fangirl sniping once I’ve seen cast pictures when film adaptations of my favorite books hit the screen.  We can all agree that whoever they cast as James Potter in the Harry Potter movies was eons too old, and I was a bit crushed at first when the Hunger Games casting directors didn’t listen to my telepathic demands that they cast Willow Smith as Rue.  There’s no point in even touching on the Josh Hutcherson or Liam Hemsworth issues, and I’ve grudgingly given the casting directors props for choosing Amandla Stenberg as Rue.  I guess Willow Smith was too busy whipping her hair back and forth.

The one casting decision that affects my life is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.  I did a happy dance the moment I saw she was in the movie.  You see, Jennifer Lawrence and I share something very important: the Jennifer L. burden.  A voluptuous singer and reality show judge gave my name a certain connotation when I was barely old enough to defend myself.  Her booty stole Jennifer L. from me, and I’ve been a sitting duck for J. Lo jokes and Bennifer jokes (yes, my prom date was a Ben) ever since.  Now Jennifer Lawrence has bravely stepped up, bow and arrow in hand, to defend the honor of our initials after nearly fifteen years of people humming “Jenny from the Block” (well, in my case, that is).

I dare you to call her J. Lo

I devoured the Hunger Games trilogy in fewer than 24 hours over the 4th of July weekend this summer, and have been impatiently waiting to see the movies ever since.  March 23rd will be like Nerd Christmas for devoted Hunger Games fans everywhere, and finally getting to see the movie will be a great present.  That said, I feel like Nerd Santa will give me an extra present on the 23rd:  Jennifer Lawrence will make me proud to be a Jen L. once again.


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