Is Jennifer Lawrence the Real Deal?

Posted on March 21, 2012



Celebrate the Hunger Games with me all week! There will be  a different post every day leading up to the movie’s release!

Like our last blog, this one is dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence… but with a different twist. 

This guest post is written by the one and only PrimRose, and I am so proud to feature her writing on my blog.

If you want to read or hear more about Rose, just be my friend- she’s my favorite person to talk aboutRose is the one who first introduced me to The Hunger Games, and we’ve been freaking out about the series together ever since.  Make sure you comment on her very first guest post on my blog!

Books have a way with readers. One page, one word and you are completely taken in. But there’s always that moment when you realize that the wonderful story you have been enraptured in is all made up, and the realization hits that you aren’t a part of it. When this happens I scamper up to my room and sit in front of the mirror acting out all the scenes I had previously read. It’s my way of pretending I’m apart of it.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins instilled a “book passion” in me that I had never experienced before.

I immediately had a connection with the main character Katniss, obviously because she reminded me of Farrell. Beautiful, brave, loving and the protector of her little sister Primrose… it all rang a bell. If an alter ego of Farrell is in a book then there is no question I automatically love it. This of course is not to mention that every second was mind-blowing, heart-wrenching and action-packed. Literally, from the first sentence I was completely and utterly emerged into the story. There was not one moment I had to “take a break” because it was getting a little boring. It was so great I actually wished to be in an arena fighting until the death (yup, it’s THAT good.) Needless to say, I have a very deep passion for this book. So, my job here today is to express my discontent in the casting choices for the movie.

When I first saw who would be playing my beloved Katniss Everdeen I was enraged. Throughout the entire trilogy of books, Katniss is described as a tan, skinny, tall and subtly beautiful girl with a long brown braid that stretches all the way down her back. The actress chosen to portray this young hero is Jennifer Lawrence:  blonde, white, curvy, plastered with makeup, short, all topped off with hair that barely passes shoulder length. Let me show you a little bit of what I mean:

A Fan's Accurate Sketch

The "real deal?"

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something really wrong here!

I was even more surprised when I realized that Suzanne Collins, the author of this masterpiece, was the one who ended up choosing the actress who would play Katniss. She wrote the book herself…she created Katniss, so my question is: why would she ever choose Jennifer Lawrence??????

(Word on the street is the casting agents had gone more for theatrical skills than looks, and it is clear this is true.)

Her looks clearly do not match up to those of Katniss and I was left feeling above and beyond upset. I consoled myself by thinking that perhaps her acting skills would make up for it. But then I remembered the movie X-Men First Class. Jennifer Lawrence played Mystique, the famous naked blue woman with the ability to shape shift (how deep!). While I was watching the movie I remembered thinking how great it was except for the ‘blue woman.’ Before I could even say anything, someone else did.

“The movie’s sick but that girl is so bad at acting, she literally can’t act.”

It wasn’t such a big deal until I realized who had really played Mystique and who she would be playing next. All I remember is feeling embarrassed for her at how bad a job she had done. I pray more than anything that Jennifer proves me wrong in The Hunger Games.

It’s hard to believe, but there actually is one more thing that bothers me about Jennifer Lawrence:

The fact that she actually thinks she has invented Katniss herself. It’s an age-old story; the character you know and love is being played by an actor who will live the rest of their life thinking they are that character. You know this character and love them, but then some actor comes waltzing in who thinks they are the real life version of your beloved friend. I don’t know about you but this infuriates me. YOU ARE NOT KATNISS EVERDEEN.

My expectations for this movie are set low, because if they wreck my favorite book of all time, I honestly do not know how I will ever recover. The book is always better than the movie, but let’s just hope they don’t completely butcher it. My heart breaks for those who will see the movie, not even having read the books. I call these kids “the bandwagoners.” We all know who they are, the people who jump on the wagon only after something becomes popular. The real issue here is if this movie stinks, I do not want it to be the definition of The Hunger Games in the minds of those who have never even read the real story. So please Lionsgate, prove me wrong!

Note: All readers please realize that I would love nothing more than to play Katniss so there is extreme jealousy fueling this entire blog post:)


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