Cooking through the Hunger Games!

Posted on March 22, 2012


Celebrate the Hunger Games with me all week! There will be  a different post every day leading up to the movie’s release!

Today’s post is by my friend Victoria (aka Tori).  She thought of a great idea- why not cook some of the food inspired by the Hunger Games and make a fun day out of it? She was the photographer, recipe holder, and now, our guest writer! We had an awesome adventure making the food and… well, she says it better than me, so keep reading!

I love to cook and I love the Hunger Games, so, when Farrell asked me to write a guest post, I decided it would be a perfect idea to cook a Hunger Games themed meal. I mean, they are two of my favorite things, so combining them would make them both even better!

We have an extra place setting for you, dear reader, so come join our table and enjoy this tasty meal (if I may say so myself!) with us. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale of the creation of this food.

One Sunday afternoon, Farrell and I got together to cook a marvelous meal, including dishes from both District 12 and The Capitol. Here is the menu we chose (all recipes were from The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, by Emily Ansara Baines):

-The Boy with the Bread: Hearty Raisin Nut Bread

-Prim’s Sweet Goat Cheese Salad

-Capitol Creamy Spinach Fettuccine

-Harvest Apples Pie

We began our adventure with a trip to the supermarket. After hunting around for a while (seriously, I think they tried to hide a couple items from us!), we picked up everything we needed.

Excited for our shopping adventure!

We had to search the entire store twice to find these!


Once we returned home, we started cooking. First up was the Hearty Raisin Nut Bread. This was the infamous bread that Peeta gave Katniss several years before they were chosen as tributes.

By the time I reached home, the loaves had cooled somewhat, but the insides were still warm. I  scraped off the black stuff, and sliced the bread. We ate an entire loaf, slice by slice. It was good  hearty bread, filled with raisins and nuts.

Page 31, The Hunger Games

Ingredients for the Hearty Raisin Nut Bread

Neither Farrell nor I had made bread in a long time (I had never made it, and she had a distant memory of making it as a child), but we were up for the challenge! It was a challenge indeed, especially when, even though we had measured carefully, the dough was a sticky, runny mess! After adding more flour than the recipe called for in the first place (and, of course, making a gigantic mess), the dough finally looked less like soup and more like… well, dough!

"Yes, officer, this is the scene of the crime. It was Mrs. L in the dining room with the spatula."

Once the bread was in the oven, we began making the Harvest Apples Pie!

In the fall, a few brave souls sneak into the woods to harvest apples.

Page 6, The Hunger Games

Ingredients for the Harvest Apples Pie (Farrell's Family's secret ingredient removed)

We also had some help from the Lattice Crust Master (a.k.a. Erik), and the pie went into the oven in almost no time.

Our entrée was the Capitol Creamy Spinach Fettuccine.

Mushroom soup, the bitter greens with tomatoes the size of peas, rare roast beef sliced as thin as paper, noodles in a green sauce, cheese that melts on your tongue, served with sweet blue grapes.

Page 76, The Hunger Games

The sauce was supposed to be green from the spinach, but it ended up being whitish with small, green lumps of spinach. Oh well! (I’m sure it would have tasted just as good either way 🙂 )

Cooking up a storm!

Along with the pasta, we had Prim’s Sweet Goat Cheese Salad, inspired by the cheese from Prim’s goat.

On the table, under a wooden bowl to protect it from hungry cats and rats alike, sits a perfect little goat cheese, wrapped in basil leaves.  Prim’s gift to me on reaping day.  I put the cheese carefully in my pocket as I slip outside.

Page 4, The Hunger Games

Finally, our dinner was ready. Bread, salad, pasta, pie… we had just about everything. Once we started eating, there was complete silence in the room for about 10 minutes. We were all enjoying it so much, we weren’t even talking! The meal even received a stamp of approval from Erik, which I’ve been told is very hard to get!

We even tried to burn the corners of the bread a little, like in the book

Cooking with Farrell was so much fun, and it got me even more excited for the movie!

Happy Hunger Games!


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