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The #1 Reason the Hunger Games is a Hit at the Box Office

March 28, 2012


I’m a little offended, though, because none of these journalists have cited the REAL reason the Hunger Games succeeded. I think if scientific research were conducted, the Hunger Games success would be traced back to one catalyst: you. IMHO, the readers of this blog are the #1 reason that the Hunger Games hype caught on and spread!

Dystopian People

March 23, 2012


Now part of what makes this series so addictive to read is its resonance with the innate human desire for things to be set right.

Cooking through the Hunger Games!

March 22, 2012


We have an extra place setting for you, dear reader, so come join our table and enjoy this tasty meal (if I may say so myself!) with us. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale of the creation of this food.

Fatal Attraction: Why do we Love the Dystopic Novel?

March 20, 2012


In a society with some primary female role models like Kardashians and Bachelor contestants, are we now hungry for the modeling of women willing to stand firm in a gritty and grimy fight for reality and personal freedom? Is Katniss Everdeen our Bella Swan palate cleanser?

And So It Begins: The Hunger Games

March 19, 2012


I love beginnings. The first scene, the first chapter, the first kiss, the first season... the beginning is the best part.