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Compliment Me

April 11, 2012


My friend and I recently got our hair cut together, and as we considered how short to cut it, one of us remembered aloud, “Well, someone once told me I’m not thin enough for really short hair.” We both laughed… but we didn’t cut our hair too short, just in case.

Why I Hate Meeting Boys… A Guest Post

May 31, 2011


And maybe that’s the problem: boys have a one-track mind. If they’re approaching a girl who they think is pretty (and those are the only girls they’re going to approach anyway), they’re ultimately thinking only of one thing.

Sluts and Stones

November 3, 2010


I don’t believe in sluts.

What’s so wrong with being wifey material? I’ll tell you what’s wrong…

October 13, 2010


Here it is, readers- another guest post, this time written by the one and only Chris Miller aka MillsyF. If reading this post leaves you wanting more from my friend and fellow blogger, check out  The Yuppie Dilemma.

What’s so Wrong with Being Wifey Material?

October 13, 2010


This is a guest post from a friend who has had two relationships end with the same puzzling excuse: she was too “perfect.”