True Religion

Posted on August 2, 2012


What if the media could not help but report the number of Christians banding together over one cause: aiding orphans and widows in their distress?

What if yesterday, Christians offended those who are legalistic by eating with tax collectors and sinners?

What if yesterday, every Christian bought food for someone in their life who was in need?

What if Christians came together in prayer and fasting, wondering how to build bridges with the socially marginalized?

What if yesterday, Christians had long lines out the door of all the non-profits organizations they were publically donating their time, money, and support to?

What if Christians decided to start publicizing the love and mercy of Christ on every social media network they could find?

What if Christian CEOs could not help  but mention during media interviews their support for justice for every persecuted person in our country?

What if?

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