Swallowing Poison and Waiting for God to Die

Posted on December 29, 2010


 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”

Revelation 3:20

Have you heard that Bible verse before?  It’s one that many Christians use to describe the invitation that Jesus has for everyone.
This verse elicits a picture of Caucasian Jesus standing outside on your flowery front step, knocking on your door, waiting for you to answer it so he can come in and drink tea with you and offer you a better, more fulfilling life.

At least… that’s what it elicits for some people.

Some people may hear that verse and reject it simply because they don’t believe it’s true.  Others may put it on the shelf and decide to think about it later.  But for some, it is not merely dismissed with unbelief or apathy; it is a subject that makes them extremely, intensely angry.

For many  people,  on their way to open up that  figurative door, there is an obstacle waiting, more difficult to get past than a linebacker or a military tank. It may not be visible to anyone else, but that obstacle standing in front of the door- the door with Jesus standing behind it- is usually very, very real.

Standing in front of that door might be a Christian who has been hateful towards you or people that you love.

 Or someone close to you who forced religion, coupled with ignorance and abuse, down your throat. 

 Or someone who represented God in your life and turned out to be doing unspeakably evil things.

And if I’m being honest, it might be a past interaction with someone like this:

Many people refuse to open that door and let Jesus inside because, in front of it, there stands a Christian.
There are Christians who are racist, sexist, hypocritical, ignorant, cruel, selfish, abusive, absent and fake.  I’ve met and heard of Christians who exhibit these traits, and I’ve certainly embodied several of them throughout my life, consciously or unconsciously.  But we can’t look at the sinful and wrong character traits of Christians and ascribe those character traits to God.

Although the hurt that a Christian has caused you is very, very real, they are not God.  If someone professes to be a Christian, they are professing that they were, and are, sinful!  Jesus is not in their lives because they are more intelligent, holy, or deserving than people who are not Christians.  Jesus is in their lives because they desperately need him. Christians believe that they were so filthy with sin that they deserved to die, and Jesus is in the picture because he died for them and offers them the opportunity to turn away from their filth forever. Does that sound like someone who should be self-righteous, entitled, or unforgiving?

I am sorry for anything that I’ve done to you that has misrepresented God.  I am sorry for the times that the church has abused its power, hurt the innocent, and preached things that are not true.

Don’t let a sinful Christian ruin forever your chance at a relationship with a sinless God.  He loves you, and offers you freedom from the very sin that has angered you.  It would be stupid to let a disobedient Christian make you angry not at them, but at God.  If God exists, and loves you, your anger is not going to stop Him from existing or from loving you.  It will just destroy your ability to enjoy those things.
What if God is not Caucasian?

What if God does not hate fags?

What if God does not hate women?

What if God is love, embodying it in his every action?

What if God loves you?

This blog post is not intended to heal any of the pain that may have been caused in the past by people bearing God’s name. Rather it is a challenge to question whether those people truly represent His character, because He is the only one who can bring about real healing.

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